Edible Arrangements Offers More Than Gifts!

2015-12-09_11-51-08Tired of sending flowers? Need a unique last-minute gift? Want a healthy after-school snack for you and the kids? Stop into the Edible Arrangements store in Quakertown for all these options and more!

As owners, we pride ourselves on creating a great experience for our customers. We’ve always loved working with people. Pat has experience working in an Edible Arrangements store, and Mike previously owned a business and was a produce manager. We teamed up at Edible Arrangements to gain something more.

We’re excited that our business is always changing and evolving, offering new items and toppings all the time. We spent two weeks at the Edible Arrangements corporate headquarters, where we learned the ins and outs of the business and became eager to build a store to serve the Quakertown area. Construction began in early January and finished the third week in April.

Since opening on April 24, 2015, Edible Arrangements has been delivering fruit and happiness to Quakertown locals. Every arrangement is made fresh, using the highest-quality fruit dipped in gourmet chocolate. Every customer who stops by is amazed at how different our store is compared to others.

2015-12-28_18-45-20We offer the same great Edible Arrangements products that other stores offer, but, on opening day, we were only one of six stores in Pennsylvania selling fresh fruit smoothies.

In addition to arrangements, we offer fresh On-The-Go treats to enjoy. Pick out a couple pieces of fruit or walk away with a customized box, snack on a Pineapple Pop, or try one of our smoothies. We have something for everyone! That’s what makes us different.

In our Edible-To-Go line, we offer fresh fruit salads, parfaits, and sundaes. Along with smoothies, we have blended drinks like limeade, lemonade, and orangeade. Our drinks are made with fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, ice, and all-natural agave nectar (upon request). Optional add-ins include low-fat yogurt, flax seed, kale, spinach, oats, whey protein, and more.

2015-12-28_18-46-57When customers visit our website or give us a call, they learn about our seasonal and holiday themed arrangements as well as arrangements for any and every occasion. When they stop in the store, they can learn about our seasonal drinks and toppings, like Perfect Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, Nut Lovers Indulgence Smoothie, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachios, and other winter-themed goodies.

We love being located in Quakertown, and we’ve already noticed a loyal customer base for both arrangements and To-Go options. We do everything we can to make our customers’ experience a great one.

Stop in today at 582 South West End Boulevard or call us at (215) 536-1298 to learn more!



Michael Post and Patricia Coulton
Edible Arrangements
Quakertown, PA
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