Mad with Joy

Rev. Candace P. Smolowe, MS, from Spirited Life coaching shares with us some wonderful thoughts about being human.

10-22-2013 10-02-13 AM“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” Iris Murdoch

First, we are mad with joy to have winter behind us! The first blossoms of these beautiful earth flowers are springing out all about you. Do they take your breath away?

Many of us exist in various degrees of autopilot, staying in the familiar even if it is depleting. As a species, we are losing our ability to sense danger and imbalance in our food, our political systems, and our monetary institutions. We are also losing our ability to experience the exquisite beauty and opportunity that exists in every moment. Social media and keyboard shopping have muted our natural way of being and connecting. We trust that we will be taken care of by something “out there.”

Let’s reset for a moment and remember where we came from so we can remember how to enjoy where we are.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We have heard this countless times. Let’s make it real.

Imagine you wish to buy or rent a car. You have certain considerations for the purchase including price, comfort, reliability, etc. You make your selection after a period of time and effort and then find yourself in the driver’s seat, responsible for pushing the right buttons and pedals in such a way that you arrive at your destination safely and enjoyably. You drive your car; you are not your car.

Imagine now that you are consciousness, wishing to be human. You have certain considerations for the rental, including the parents you will have, the amount of karmic debt you wish to repay, the lessons you wish to learn, your life purpose. You make the selection and immediately find yourself experiencing a dense and heavy body that is quite different from the pure consciousness of a moment ago. As an added challenge, you begin to forget that you are NOT your body, but only renting it.

As consciousness renting a human body, your contract might look something like this:

“I agree, of my own free will, to rent the human body that will be born to (parents). I willingly accept all the challenges, limitations, and opportunities that are part of this rental, knowing that I can meet each with love and grace if I choose. I will ask for help because I certainly will need it. I am willing to learn how to bring my consciousness and loving spirit into this body and mind in such a way that both my humanity and my Divinity are fully expressed.

My intentions for my time on Earth are to repay my karmic debts, learn forgiveness, be courageous, and remember that I am not separate from my Creator or any other human incarnating with me. I know that I will be given situations that will help me to do this, even as I resist them.

This rental on Earth will help shift the energy of a species that has forgotten all that I hope to remember. I will be mad with joy at the beauty of my temporary home. When I am finished with this rental, I will allow it to return to the Earth, and I will come home.”

By the way, you do not need insurance. You are safe and loved regardless of what happens to your rental. You drive your human and experience your life here as your human, but you are not your human.

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” ~Pema Chodron

meadow ruePerhaps we miss the flowers because we focus on comfort and the familiar instead of passion and life. Enough! Why not fly out of our nests instead of being thrown? Muster the courage and faith it takes to move into the unknown. Thrown is what happens when we forget to live. Thrown happens when we become complacent, caught in a world that finds the Internet more interesting than the new buds on the maple we pass every day or the miraculous workmanship of the temporary nests. Thrown happens when we refuse to fly. Thrown makes it possible for us to remember that we already know how to fly.

6-10-2013 9-36-33 AMExperience your life, your emotions, your potential FULLY. Live, dance, play, explore, cry, hope. Do not pretend that you have it all together so that others won’t think badly of you. Do not blame another for the discomfort you are feeling. Treat yourself and every living thing with the grace and respect that your own Creator bestows upon you. Do something beyond the scope of trying to figure out your life and why you feel stuck. Find a way to support the healing of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Pray, smile, sleep. Find sunsets and sunrises and buy lemonade from any child who is selling it. Push yourself 3-22-2013 4-39-08 PMbeyond what you think is possible or even rational.

And let the flowers make you mad with joy. Happy Spring!

Rev. Candace P. Smolowe, MS
Spiried Life Coaching
Contact Rev. Smolowe above or read about her in the Bucks County Women’s Journal


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