Pairing Tea with Chocolate

2014-03-17_22-54-27The Talking Teacup is a lovely place to sit and relax in a beautifully restored 250 year old farmhouse.  They have more tea on their menu that a bar has beer!  I hope you’ll visit their website and see some of the wonderful events that they have throughout the year.

Kathy Heck, the proprietor tells us about celebrating love and friendship with tea, chocolate and wine:

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a cozy winter evening with friends, nothing says  romance or relaxation like chocolate and wine.

“When serving tea with chocolate, I usually suggest unflavored teas such as Darjeeling known for its light body with sweet flavor undertones or a more- robust Assam tea which has malty characteristics that pairs well with chocolate,” said Heck.

Chocolate lovers will find a variety of dessert tea blends with cocoa or chocolate bits on the winter menu to satisfy their cravings, including:

• Valentine Blend – fine China black tea with a romantic blend of chocolate and rosebuds
• Chocolate Cream – black tea with cocoa bits and chocolate flavor
• Chocolate Ginger – a full-bodied decaf blend of chocolate and spices
• Rooibos Chocolate Mint – blended with chocolate bits and peppermint leaves
• Rooibos White Chocolate Toffee – a decadent blend of toffee bits, white chocolate chips, and cocoa

Beat Cold and Flu Season With Healthy Teas

2014-03-17_22-51-25Drinking tea offers many health benefits thanks to powerful antioxidants contained in the tea leaves. Regular consumption of tea can help boost the immune system and increase hydration.

“Herbal and rooibos teas are best for cold and flu season, especially teas that contain ginger or mint to help settle an upset stomach or aid digestion,” added Heck.

Healthy tea infusions offered include:
• Digestive Helper
• Stress Blocker
• Sweet Lullaby
• Tranquility

The Talking Teacup & Gift Shoppe is located at 301 W. Butler Ave in Chalfont.

Robin Coppinger
Bucks County Women’s Journal


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