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Once you meet Dr. Jennifer Grozalis, you’ll be impressed by her energy and passion to, well, just help you.  I thought it would be a good time to post her services which the snow we just had, and the shoveling that probably has your back complaining a little today.  🙂

SynergyNEWTOWN CHIROPRACTOR DR. JENNIFER GROZALIS likes difficult, challenging cases. That’s what her well-respected practice specializes in.

With a unique and highly effective approach to rehabilitation and healing, Synergy Rehabilitation & Chiropractic takes on sports injuries, chronic pain issues, and everything in between. Regardless of the type of injury or its cause, the goal is the same for the center and its professionally trained staff of 15.

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“I get so excited when I think about what we have developed. Our therapy combination is so unique. If the patient doesn’t respond to a particular treatment plan, we have the skills and tools to modify it until we find what works for that individual,” says Dr. Grozalis. In one dramatically successful case, Dr. Grozalis remembered, a woman came to Synergy after having knee surgery. She had been in physical therapy for three months, was still using a cane, and was battling excruciating pain. “Within two to three weeks, she had complete range of motion,” Dr. Grozalis recalled. “After one month, she no longer needed a cane and no longer had any pain.” To provide such total patient success, Dr. Grozalis and her skilled staff offer a wide range of the most sophisticated therapies to treat all types of concerns and conditions.

A large part of the rehabilitation process revolves around various types of muscle therapies. Dr. Grozalis is one of very few doctors in Bucks County certified in Active Release Techniques®, a massage-based therapy that incorporates specific exercises to restore range of motion and eliminate pain. The doctor is also certified in Graston Technique® which is instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables her to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function.  These techniques are also being used by NBA, NHL, NFL, and Major League Baseball trainers. Another unique and innovative therapy in which Dr. Grozalis is certified is Kinesiotaping. The Kinesiotape gives support and stability to joints and muscles while allowing a patient to move through a normal range of motion. It decreases inflammation and reduces pain. It is a nonrestrictive type of taping that allows for full range of motion and supports muscles in movement on a 24-hour-a-day basis, which is why it is so often used on pro athletes. For hard-to-treat disc herniations in the neck and low back, the Synergy staff performs Decompression Therapy, a type of gentle traction that takes pressure off the spinal nerves and relieves localized pain as well as referred pain into the arms and legs. Patients also benefit from laser therapy at Synergy, which dramatically speeds up healing time and promotes healthy cell growth. Professional sports teams have been using laser therapy for years to speed the healing process.

To treat injured athletes and get them back to their sport stronger than ever, Dr. Grozalis combines cutting-edge therapies. In addition to Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique®, Kinesiotaping, and Neuromuscular Re-education, he also offers sports massage, PFS, chiropractic manipulation, and traditional physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation.

Other massage-based techniques performed by the doctor and her therapists include: Neuromuscular Re-education, trigger point therapy/ myofascial release, lymph drainage, mastectomy and oncology massage, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, and sports massage.   Rehabilitation is performed in our office by combining traditional principles of physical therapy with unique and cutting-edge exercises on the Pilates reformer, chair, and ladder barrel. This therapy balances and retrains muscles in order to strengthen and stabilize the spine and extremities. Fusion Therapy works to heal patients suffering with chronic pain as well as athletes.

Dr. Grozalis says that former patients are the center’s best source of referrals. “Once they see the outstanding results, there is a lot of word-of-mouth encouraging others to try Synergy’s treatment programs.” From difficult-to-treat cases to acute and chronic sports injuries, Synergy has the tools and commitment for restoring their patients. That is why their chiropractic office truly is different.

Synergy Rehabilitation and Chiropractic is located at 105 Terry Drive, Suite 114 in Newtown. For more information, call 215-860-9798 or visit www.synergyrehabandchiro.com.

Robin Coppinger
Bucks County Women’s Journal

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