You’ve Got Maids!

One of our contributors, You’ve Got Maids!, explains what it means to hire someone so dedicated, their training and why you should at least talk to them.  Very impressive.

Can I Afford a Professional Maid Service?

Only you can answer that one, but you might want to consider that maybe it’s time to call You’ve Got MAIDS to find out.

Fact: Homeowners’ insurance does not cover you or your home cleaner if someone gets hurt or if something goes missing.  So, hiring an uninsured cleaner may prove to be more expensive.  One example of this happened a couple years back with celebrity Chef Paula Deen.  The Deen family is still fighting over the stolen property that, according to their insurance company, is gone…the only good thing is that the house cleaner was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

My name is Elsa O’Brien.  I have owned and operated You’ve Got MAIDS of Bucks and Lehigh Valley for a few years.  Not only is our company diligent in cleaning homes and offices, but we also pride ourselves on exceeding expectations every day!

3-27-2013 11-22-42 AMHere’s my story:

I had a cleaning lady who informed me one day that she was going back to school, so I needed to find someone else.  My husband and I looked on Craigslist but could not find one we trusted or felt comfortable giving access to our home.  After months of searching, we learned the importance of hiring a professional maid service, and our focus shifted.  We interviewed the professional franchise brands and realized the one we never heard of might be the best choice.

We contacted the You’ve Got MAIDS corporate headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina and bombarded them with questions.  Eventually, we got to the question “What’s the number of the franchise who services our area”?  It was then that they said no one was in our area yet.  I settled for one of the other companies, which did a great job initially but then started missing more and more every time.  Frustrated, I called You’ve Got MAIDS again about the process of purchasing the Bucks and Lehigh Valley territory.

The training process

included a trip to Charleston…not easy getting my husband to take off a week, but I promised he could play one game of golf while we were there.  So we packed a bag, jumped in our little Piper, and headed south!  With plenty of sharp pencils and a laptop, we were ready to learn the business.  Frank Berger and his team of professional trainers spent a week with us teaching us everything from how and why you dust high to low and edging corners to the most minute details like fluffing the pillows after stripping and making the beds.  The training was like a hurricane at times but somehow all made sense when it was time to head home.  Frank continues to visit several times a year, bringing new ideas and new products.

So, what makes You’ve Got MAIDS different from the other cleaning companies?

Our motto is simple: “We don’t do one thing 100% better than the others.  We do 100 things 1% better.”  It might sound silly, but, if we continue to work on ourselves, it will show to others.          Today, my husband and I have nearly 100 loyal residential clients, as well as a growing number of commercial customers.

You’ve Got MAIDS also provides a high-temp/low-moisture vapor-cleaning process for mattresses, chairs, and sofas.  You’ll love the difference once we’re done.  Heat is the only thing that kills bedbugs and dust mites, and it also kills many viruses and diseases.  Our clients literally breathe better air!  Our hepa backpack vacs are the only vacuums recommended by the American Lung Association.

Another thing we do that usually goes unnoticed is our color rag cleaning process.  We will never use a cleaning cloth in the kitchen that was used in any other part of your home.  Green is kitchen, yellow is bathroom, and blue is general surfaces as well as glass.

All our professional maids go through Maid University before stepping foot into a home or commercial building.  With background checks done and a complete cleaning education, a trained associate is ready to WOW you with a totally clean and fresh home.  There’s always a Supervisor on site for each service. You’ve Got MAIDS offers loyalty rewards as well as referral rewards that you can use towards discounted cleans or earn enough for a free clean.

You’ve Got MAIDS proudly offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! So, remember: we’re not happy until you’re happy.

Give us a call today for a free estimate.  We’ll walk through your home or office and give you a written quote and answer all your questions.

Bucks County Women’s Journal


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