Meet the Women from Bucks Country Gardens

Adriene Vesci Rice, Bucks Country GardensAdriene Vesci Rice
Graphic Designer and Advertising Coordinator

Adriene Vesci Rice has been an integral part of Bucks Country Gardens since May of 2008. She is responsible for all of the company’s advertisements, signage, and commercials as well as the magazine, Picket Fences. You won’t see Adriene on the sales floor, but her presence is visible everywhere.

She earned her BA in Film Studies in 1994 from Temple University. Adriene returned to Temple’s Tyler School of Art a few years later for a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design. Adriene is a member of the Bucks County Women in Business Association and a recent graduate of the Chamber’s Leadership Advancement Program.   This October, Adriene is celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with her husband Marc. They have a 21-month old daughter, Isabella, and are expecting another baby in the spring.

Becky Jones, Bucks Country GardensBecky Jones
Outdoor Greenhouse Manager

Becky Jones was introduced to Bucks Country Gardens in 2002 during her senior year at Elizabethtown College. She started doing Christmas setup until the company realized she had much more potential. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Becky moved to the greenhouse where she still is today. Her daily responsibilities mostly revolve around the care and merchandising of annuals and perennials, but she also creates displays and inputs data.

A native of Bucks County, Becky is continuously furthering her education by attending classes at Delaware Valley College. She has taken courses in plant identification, soils, and landscape graphics.

Outside of work, Becky enjoys reading, shopping, and traveling to the beach. She also just became an aunt and loves spending time with her niece.

Donna Dentner
Lifestyles Manager

Donna Dentner has been a member of the Bucks Country Gardens team since 2005. As the Lifestyles Manager, she is responsible for the Furniture and Gift departments as well as Christmas. She travels to Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta annually to purchase everything that you see in each of her departments. She loves discovering new styles and keeping the company cutting edge. Her passion for sales is contagious throughout the company.

Donna is a member of the Casual Furniture Retail Association, which keeps her up to date with trends and marketing regarding outdoor living. She is also a member of Bucks County’s Women in Business Association.

Outside of Bucks Country Gardens, Donna enjoys spending time with her family as well as her two dogs, Jax and Rudy. She also enjoys gardening and traveling when she can.

Jen Robinson was involved with Bucks Country Gardens well before she officially started at the company. She began babysitting for the owner’s sons in 1998, four years before she started working full time as a cashier in 2002. After just a few months at Bucks Country Gardens, Jen’s career rapidly accelerated.

Jen moved to the Accounting department and quickly realized it was the place for her. She is responsible for keeping Bucks Country Gardens on track on a daily basis. Her responsibilities include everything from Accounts Payable and Receivable to Bookkeeping and Payroll.

Outside of Bucks Country Gardens, Jen is busy raising her two children, Mackenzie and Brayden, with her high school sweetheart, Brian. This October they will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

Nancy McIlvaine
Dry Goods Manager/Buyer

Nancy has been an essential member of the Bucks Country Gardens team for over 24 years. Starting as a cashier, Nancy quickly made her way through every department, expanding her knowledge of the company with each step. She is continuously attending product seminars and traveling to buying shows, searching for the perfect products for our customers.

Salesmanship and product knowledge are the biggest contributors to Nancy’s success and growth. For her, it’s the people who keep her coming back to work every day. Products are always changing, and she likes that each day is like a new beginning.

In her free time, Nancy enjoys traveling with her husband John and relaxing on their boat in Barnegat Light. She is also a devoted gardener and loves to fish.

Patti Carr
Accounting and Human Resources Manager

Patti Carr has been the Manager of Accounting and Human Resources at Bucks Country Gardens since January 2004. Prior to joining Bucks Country Gardens, Patti enjoyed several years as a Certified Public Accountant with two private firms. With all of her prior experience, Patti is involved in every aspect of our business; from everyday financing responsibilities to planning company events, she does it all.

Patti is the only female member of the Executive Committee, helping to guide the evolution of our company. She is an advocate for working moms and encourages young women to keep a career outside of the home.

Away from Bucks Country Gardens, Patti enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, Doug, their two daughters, Megan and Kaitlin, and their black lab, Toby.

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