Tapping Into Your Potential With Emotional Freedom Techniques

Spirited Life Coaching tells us how:

When I was small, a consistent theme ran through my report cards from elementary school. “Your daughter is a delight to have in class, but she is not living up to her potential. She can do more.” The thing is, I couldn’t do more. For whatever reason, and there were several I’ve come to find out, I had decided that I was not able to achieve more, nor was it safe to, and therefore, I didn’t.

Those early decisions stay with us long after their usefulness. Even though we may be in our 40s or 50s, our “autopilot selves” were defined before we were 6! Brainwave activity in those first years was spent in altered and receptive states, Delta and Theta, the states that hypnotherapists drop their clients into to make them more suggestible. As a result, we absorbed everything that was offered, including the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of the adults around us. Additionally, when shame was used to teach boundaries (a disapproving glance when we made too much noise, for example), we learned at the deepest level that there was something wrong with us, or we were not good enough, or we had to be perfect. We learned to separate from and shut down the openness that comes with feeling loved and accepted.

Add to that early conditioning of the thousands of experiences that comprise a life, and it is easy to see why our potential stays just out of reach—our energy systems, instead of being clear, flowing conduits for love and exuberance, are compromised by fear, anxiety, and negative messages. Our potential is blocked as our energy pathways become disrupted.

We are, at our core, systems of energy. Energy that was gifted to us by a Divine Source. The energy pathways and centers within our bodies are dynamically connected to our cells, organs, thoughts, and emotions. Science is now proving that the thoughts and beliefs we carry can even change the energy patterns of our DNA! An entirely new consciousness of possibility is opening up for us, as we realize what Jesus taught centuries ago: “All that I have done, you can do also.” No matter our religious beliefs, Jesus is the extraordinary example of realized potential, or what is possible when the energies of a human being and the energies of the Divine creator flow, unobstructed, as one. And it, too, can be ours.

We create new realities through shifting our energetic patterns. This is not new, and it is not beyond our reach. Acupuncture, yoga, and meditation all recognize the existence and power of the energy systems of the body. Now, there are emotionally based techniques that restore the natural flow of energy within our systems. You have access to tools that will consistently provide you with the means to create greater emotional control, inner peace, and personal effectiveness in all areas of your life.

One beautiful and effective way to clear compromised pathways is to focus on clearing the disruption of the energy system, rather than focusing on healing the emotions. The consistent and gentle practice of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is based on this theory that “ALL negative emotion is the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Best described as emotional acupuncture, the EFT process includes a momentary focus on the negative emotion while tapping on a series of acupressure points, resulting in a restoration of the natural and healthy flow of energy. When the energy is restored, the negative emotion disappears. Literally.

I personally have used EFT for over 15 years. I have eliminated cravings, fear of spiders, warts, fear of heights, and the emotional paralysis that used to show up in the face of rejection, fear of abandonment, and worry about the future. In the 15 minutes it took initially to try this process out, I changed my emotional response to an event that up to that point had never failed to manifest as anxiety, sadness, and anger. I became calm, rational, and compassionate, seeing the event in new, more loving and insightful ways. To this day, I cannot bring up the negative emotions that were part of my life for decades. 15 minutes.

As one of the goals of a spiritual life is to create a sense of peace and well-being from a loving and compassionate heart, EFT and many other energy psychology modalities offer us a way to release lifelong patterns of negative beliefs that interfere with our spiritual progress. Negative emotional charges such as resentment, anger, or hopelessness associated with specific memories can be transformed into a deeper understanding and a more loving and compassionate interpretation of the situation.

This method of healing emotional and physical discomfort works within the principles of conventional psychotherapies by acknowledging the role that early experience plays in shaping current patterns of emotional behavior. The addition of tapping on specific energy points while focusing on the negative belief or behavior actually changes the brain’s electrochemistry. The result? Significant positive shifts in patterns of fear, guilt, shame, and overwhelm; the ability to change long-standing habits, addictions, and unwanted behavior; enhanced experiences of love, success, and joy. Distress, both physical and emotional, is often transformed within minutes.

If want to express your potential, make room for it. Release lifelong patterns that no longer serve you. Tap your way into being the best you can be!

Call Rev. Candance P. Smolowe, MS, Personal Awareness / Forgiveness and Grief Coach at 215-815-5011; or email her at Candace@spiritedlifecoaching.com

Robin Coppinger
Bucks County Women’s Journal


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