Survey Says … Communicate!

Ever feel like you’re in a relationship with someone  and you just can’t communicate?  With over 20 years’ experience in counseling, Bill Montgomery,  licensed marriage and family therapist, relationship specialist, is the man to help you figure out how to best communicate.  (William L. Montgomery, PhD-Systems; MA-MFT; CGT)

Having grown up in Pittsburgh, Bill moved to Bucks County in ’97 from New Jersey with his wife and their four daughters, where he still lives today with his wife and his labradoodle, Jessa Doodle.

(book available at

Before March of 2010 when he started his own business, he worked with two organizations – the Council for Relationships and the Lenape Foundation.  The Council for Relationships is a fairly well known organization in the Philly area and is the oldest marriage and therapy organization in the US, founded in 1932.  He was an outpatient therapist for the Lenape Foundation for many years as well.

When an office became available in the same building, he saw his chance to start his own business and just went for it.

Bill went to college to be an electrical engineer and has a doctorate; however, he’ll be the first to tell you he was just bad at it, saying “If he built it, you shouldn’t plug it in.”

There’s not such a far difference between counseling and engineering, he told me.  He likes to think about how things work together – a system.  And that’s what a family is – a system.  He feels that if someone is in a relationship with someone, he looks at all sides of what’s affecting the relationship – just as you would an engineering problem.  That’s why he got certified in Gestalt therapy – the effective emotions on the “whole person” 25 years ago.

It was very apparent to me that Bill is very passionate about what he does and really can’t imagine doing anything else.  That’s what I’d want in a therapist!

Bill’s a member of the PA Psychological Association and is always working toward better healthcare treatment for those who need emotional or relationship care.  He’s also a member of the PA Marriage and Family Association and is located at 16 N Franklin St, Suite 201B, Doylestown, PA.

What a guy!

Feel free to call Bill at 215-489-0826, or email him!

Bucks County Women’s Journal
P.O. Box 64529
Souderton, PA 18964
215 – 721 – 0645

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2 Responses to Survey Says … Communicate!

  1. Oh….and Bill is a fully licensed therapist……working with couples, individuals, and families. The organization is Montgomery Counseling Group. Located in Doylestown, PA.

  2. Lori says:

    Montgomery Counseling Group….I am interested in learning and perhaps having you as part of our curriculum…..I wonder who comprises the Group….or is it a network. Nice article here.

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