WomenMove – A Statement, A Belief, A Call to Action

Strength. Self-worth.  Equality. That is what every woman deserves; that is what WomenMove can give her.


 Lurainya Koerber, Founder/Director of WomenMove, Inc., knew long ago that she needed to make a difference.  “I also know that in order for the world to be a better place, women need to be able to stand up, and stand together. But not all of them can…yet,” Lurainya says.

 The signature program of WomenMove is a large-scale, dance-theater production, called Nectar of the Moon™. Dance can speak volumes with a single movement; but when you add synchronized performers in beautiful costumes, pulsing rhythms that beat to your core, fantastical scenery, and the sense of connection that comes only from being in a live audience – it’s a very powerful experience, and delivers a clear message.

What is the message in Nectar of the Moon? That we are all connected; that every woman is strong, worthy, and equal, regardless of the culture or situation into which she was born.

 The production is inspired by different styles of world dance (African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Tahitian, etc.), and the knowledge that styles dating back to antiquity have similar movements, many with elements celebrating the stages of a woman’s life, Nectar of the Moon transcends time and space.

 Save the date:  11-11-11

 Lurainya grew up in Bucks County and currently lives in Willow Grove with her husband.

Bucks County Women’s Journal
P.O. Box 64529
Souderton, PA 18964
215 – 721 – 0645 
E-mail: bcwmnsjournal@yahoo.com

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