Mother Nature Knows Best!

We all know that’s true for many things, but when it comes to skincare, supplements and makeup, Eden Organics KNOWS that Mother Nature knows best! 

It’s amazing to me how we blindly put stuff on our skin (the biggest organ of our body) without knowing what’s in it!  If you Google mineral oil, you’ll get many differing opinions about whether or not it’s good or bad for you – sort of like when people were asking whether cigarettes were bad for you.  I’m not taking the chance, personally.

So in speaking with Catherine Chamberlain, owner of Eden Organics, I feel completely safe using their products.  They are 100% organic and contain no gluten or paraben.  Paraben, by the way, is another one of those “we think it’s completely safe” products that is a preservative found in shampoos, soaps and toothpastes!  (But I would still like an explanation as to why it’s been found in breast cancer tumors.)   So just to be on the safe side, I’m going to be more careful what I put ON my skin that will end up IN my body.  We all know some medicines are administered through a patch.

Eden Organics is the way to go!  They also have organic baby skincare, toys, candles, mother-to-be products and gifts … and more!

Catherine moved to Bucks County five years ago when she married her husband, a life-long Bucks County resident.  They live in Newtown with their three children and their beagle, Callie.

Catherine, a registered nurse, found she was concerned about all of the chemicals women are putting on their skin through the use of personal care products and every day items. She decided to start a business where she could help educate, as well as provide, all natural products for the entire family and the environment at large, thereby reducing chemicals that are a part of your life without you even knowing it.

Located at 29 West State Street in Doylestown, Eden Organics was started in September of 2010 and is a family owned and operated business.  All of their products are plant-based and organic; a lot of the items are vegan and contain no preservatives.  They also carry organic supplements, all-natural, chemical-free cleaning supplies, organic teas; organic foods will be added to the store shortly.

They have just completed the spa treatment room and offer an all-organic facial spa and body treatments.  They have a holistic licensed esthetician on staff so their spa guests know they are getting the more effective and pure treatments available!  Catherine feels their spa is unique and is focused on non-invasive treatments with absolutely no pain involved!

Catherine is a member of the Women in Business which is a committee of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.  She is also a member of Green Collaboration – a new group of local merchants that are green-focused and use sustainable practices in their businesses.  They meet the 1st Thursday of the month – if you’re interested in attending, please email Catherine and she will send you the information.

I think we all should thank Eden Organics for giving us the opportunity to stop using chemicals on our skin and in our environment!

Bucks County Women’s Journal
P.O. Box 64529
Souderton, PA 18964
215 – 721 – 0645 

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