Psychotherapy of the Heart

You can feel the relaxation … and the possibilities.  Great read by Susan Talia deLone, Ph.d.

A small stream meanders in front of our property. It is the beginning of a much larger stream that flows into Neshaminy Creek and, from there, into the Delaware River.

2015-08-18_10-28-48Our little stream is a treasure. Children find crawfish and tadpoles. Dogs romp through its waters. It is a safe haven for kingfisher, herons, and baby ducks. It is also very fragile.

Invasive grasses have taken hold in this creek, and, while my husband and I keep digging them out and replacing them with “good” native grasses, the invasives cross property lines and keep on going. As a result, our stream is getting choked, upstream and downstream, in ways I can barely see from the road.

Many people walk this country lane. Families, bikers, and runners enjoy this road and the sound of the rushing waters. The stream cools all of us; it gives us a fleeting sense of contentment.

The lane and creek are shaded by tall locusts, conifers, and hardwoods. We walk, catching the red crest of the woodpeckers, the yellow flash of finches. The stream does its work, unnoticed, unprotected, without complaint or fanfare.

Occasionally, it floods, the pond floods, and our little bridge over the stream goes underwater for a time. The road gets about a foot of water. Cars have to drive slowly. People come in rubber boots and slickers, with umbrellas, and the flooding waters bring us all sorts of surprises—some welcome, some junk to be discarded.

I am working on this problem of the choking canary grass, calling on my neighbors, writing to neighborhood associations and conservation groups. It will take more than just my family’s efforts to get the stream healthy again.

I use the stream as a way of describing all of us. We, too, live our lives moving along, getting swept up, occasionally, in storms and flooding. Sometimes our flow is hindered by obstacles and barriers. Sometimes we can, just by sheer will and the power of our own being, push through and emerge on the other side.

And sometimes we need help to keep flowing. We all seek a life that is unfettered and self-directed. We, probably, want to have that healthy mobility, feeling light moving through our limbs. Many of us seek that place within, where sunlight and dappled sky bring us wholeness and grace.

2015-08-18_10-25-47Our lives, like the creek, are bound by currents, banks, and relationship. The creek doesn’t exist in isolation. It needs the fish and the critters. The trout need the shade trees that keep the water cool. There is a balance here: shade and sun; water, earth, and rhythm.

People come to me as a psychologist because the rhythm of their lives got disrupted. We used to speak of the “stream of consciousness”—the movement of our thoughts, yearnings, desires, and fears. The freedom of just letting our minds wander.

Now we speak of “mindfulness”—a way of being present to life. A way to be in the moment. To breathe and feel ourselves, whole, intact. We want to say, as one of my teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh, said, “I am here. I have arrived.”

Such a simple phrase. Such a difficult state to achieve. It acknowledges movement and stability, the rock and the stream. It gives us a stone to step on if the current gets too strong. It gives us a way to calm down, to take a rest, so we can go again. It is a way of being, moment to moment.

In my practice, I see many people who feel they’ve hit a wall. Obstacles on every side. Nothing is flowing. Grief, long denied or too-long held, can choke the flow. Depression stops us. Panic can freeze us. Hopelessness can keep us in bed. Trauma severely disrupts the movement of our lives.

Each of us has our own story, our own watercourse. No story is alike, and nothing is totally written. The future is, as best we know, still unknown. The real job is to come to this present moment, conscious of the flow of our lives, determined to make our lives fruitful, successful, thriving.

Psychotherapy offers a way to release blockages. It gives us tools to dig up those invasive weeds and replace them with nourishing thoughts, feelings, and actions. It provides the shovel, rake, and hoe to open the waters and start moving again.

Psychotherapy is a process of relationship. It is a journey of shared storytelling. In telling your story, something new can come in. Old wounds can be healed.

I once had a client undergoing chemotherapy whose mother died. Although her mother left her a substantial inheritance, another sister took much of the money.

Betrayal, pain, and recriminations followed. Bitter, hurtful emails. Six years passed, and my client needed to reclaim some of the money. Her sister reached out to her, and my client, instead of reacting with rage, found a way to calm herself and meet her sister.

This is a story of obstacles and digging out bad grasses. Anger and sibling jealousy predated the mother’s death. The sisters were aging. They knew time was short. They made tentative contact. New possibilities entered their relationship. Their lives entered healthier waters.

It is the same with my stream. My neighbors and I are planning a “dig.” Together we are going to put on our boots, climb into the water, and pull out the choking weeds. I look forward to all of it.

My office is surrounded by native plant gardens that are a host to a turtle pond, a fishing creek, and a variety of woodland animals.

Inquire to see if psychotherapy is right for you.













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Pain in Your Neck?

Caran Kalish, LMT, has a really good point with this article!

What position is your neck in right now? Are you sitting in front of a computer or leaning over table? Is your reading source set at perfect eye level? How does that position feel for your body, after the first three sentences? Could you reposition the text to feel more user friendly? Could changing your body’s position relieve reoccurring pain?

The need for us to lighten our bodies’ heavy load is important for daily comfort. Neck and back pain due to poor posture can be resolved at the source by applying pressure from a tennis ball. Results can be seen in as little as 5 minutes. Application in problematic areas like the lower back and behind the neck (occipital area) are common pain solutions.

The fascia can hold 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure when our bodies are out of alignment. Fascia make up the entire human body, interconnecting every element—muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Tennis balls can be necessary music in orchestrating your body’s harmony.

2015-04-02_17-08-10Come see me for a consultation on pain management, tennis ball upcycling, or myofascial release. I would love to help realign your body.

Caran Kalish offers free consultations, during which she can explain more- personalized pressure ball placement methods with larger, sand-filled balls.

Caran Kalish, LMT
875 North Easton Rd., Ste 6
Doylestown, PA 18902

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Robin Coppinger
Bucks County Women’s Journal
The only educational newspaper serving the women of Bucks County


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Autumn Is Time to Think Spring!

You can find this and other great articles in the Bucks County Women’s Journal!

2015-08-18_10-09-13It’s hard to think spring when summer is still here, but this is the time to order spring bulbs! Spring bulbs offer continuous color in your garden from early spring to early summer, and autumn is the time to do it!

A well-planned bulb garden gets better and better with time and takes minimum upkeep. Bulbs should be planted to stagger their bloom times, starting with early bloomers like crocus, Dutch iris, and scilla and ending with the wonderful group of alliums.  A garden can give you enjoyment and surprise after all the work is done months prior!

Las Flores Landscape Design and Build can plan your bulb garden to ensure you have a succession in bloom and plant enough bulbs so you can cut the flowers and enjoy them inside your home as well!

Bulbs create a natural look by using power in numbers. One thousand bulbs is not a lot, and often we need to educate our clients about this. For most flower varieties, every hole dug holds at least 10 to 12 bulbs to create a natural look. Bulbs are also great to combine with early-blooming perennials. Again, this is why proper planning needs to happen in September, so all aspects of your garden play a vital role in bulb placement.

Don’t forget to get your bulbs ordered now! There is nothing more satisfying to chase those winter blues away than flowers blooming in your garden!

Las Flores Landscape Design Build
New Hope, PA

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Bucks County Women’s Journal
The only educational newspaper serving the women of Bucks County


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Cookouts, camping, and weekends at the shore.

You can find this and other great articles in the Bucks County Women’s Journal!

We at You’ve Got MAIDS hopes everyone has had a wonderful summer vacation so far.

To celebrate, we’re asking that everyone who reads this article sends us your favorite family photo having fun this summer. We will post the top 5 on our website, and the winner will receive a gift certificate for 4 hours of professional cleaning. All you need to do is send your photo to and then have your friends vote for your photo. The winner will be posted September 1, 2015.

2015-08-04_10-52-02You’ve Got MAIDS is now offering what we call “Wedding Specials,” but you can just call the service “Party Planning 101.” We have been getting requests to do multiple cleans for weddings, meaning we come out one or two days before out-of-town guests arrive for the big event, and then we come back one more time to freshen up. Finally, once everyone leaves your house (often in a mess), we come back again to make your home sparkle. This program has been so well received that we are now adding a twist. Husbands call Holly or Elsa to hear about our “Anniversary Special.” Order a clean on your anniversary and receive a dozen roses as our gift to you.

As most of our friends reading this know, You’ve Got MAIDS uses only hospital-grade cleaning solutions as well as color-coded cleaning cloths when working in your home. Never will a cleaning cloth that was used to clean the bathrooms meet with one used to clean the kitchen.

In addition, our cleaning professionals all graduate from YGM’s University before ever cleaning a home. Though it might sound silly, the University is a very serious program where our service staff learns professional cleaning techniques and undergoes a complete background check prior to their first day of work. You’ve Got MAIDS strives for customer protection as well as satisfaction.

Keep in mind too that YGM has a commercial decision specializing in nightly office cleans, maintenance cleans, and post-construction cleaning. Our staff has been trained in stripping and waxing tile floors, window cleaning, and shampooing both carpets and furniture. YGM is also capable of dry cleaning fine carpets and area rugs. After we come out to service your tile floors, carpets, and windows, we will gladly give you a quote to maintain those surfaces. YGM offers deep discounts on maintenance agreements.

Remember to honk and wave when you see our staff out and about in a MAID mobile; that always puts a smile on our faces.

In closing, we want to thank all of our customers—many of whom have been using our services for years. Without the trust and loyalty of so many, we would not be the number one cleaning company in Bucks County and the Lehigh Valley. We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, employing 24 residential and commercial cleaning professionals and running a 24-hour business, and we’re adding new MAID mobiles regularly. A very true and warm thank you to all!

God bless.







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Robin Coppinger
Bucks County Women’s Journal
The only educational newspaper serving the women of Bucks County

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Healthy Solutions Medical Weight Loss

By Michael C. Luciano, D.O.

Welcome Dr. Michael C. Luciano and Healthy Solutions as one of our new contributors!

Healthy Solutions Dr  Luciano 1As a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, I have been educated to care for most medical conditions. In over 10 years of private practice, I consistently see how changes in lifestyle, mainly nutrition, improve health status. If most physicians were able to dedicate their time and effort to discussing lifestyle modification, there would be much less disease, lower health care costs, less medication prescribed, and happier and healthier individuals.
Over the last 30 years, the U.S. has seen an obesity increase of epidemic proportions, with rates doubling from 15-30%; currently, 65% of Americans are overweight. Unfortunately, during medical school, most clinicians receive little or no training in nutritional matters or the management of obesity. Therefore, I actively pursued additional training in obesity medicine and applied for board certification in this important subspecialty. It has become a passion of mine to assist patients in this complex issue, which was previously viewed as a lack of willpower and oversimplified obesity treatment as the need to eat less and exercise more. Further validation is the recent recognition by the American Medical Association of obesity as a disease state.

The causes of obesity are complex; therefore, individualized tailored treatment is essential. No single diet works for everyone. We are learning more and more about the complex interplay of gut hormones and neuropeptides. Understanding the obese individual involves pinpointing obesity’s potential causes, including environmental, psychological, socioeconomic, medical, genetic, medication-related, and many others. This information is the key to developing an effective treatment strategy.

There are many possible weight-reduction strategies. The right method is the one best suited for the individual patient, accounting for medical issues, exam findings, lifestyle, and sustainability. Most of my patients have tried and failed multiple diets during their lives, sometimes with short-term success because they regained the weight shortly afterward. Structure and accountability coupled with impressive short-term results fuel long-term compliance. These are the keys to success in my patients. I utilize my clinical skills, education, and compassion to empower patients to take control of their health.
My initial goal is to help patients have less hunger and cravings, feel less bloated, and be more energetic with improved mood and sleep and an overall improvement in quality of life. It takes 4 weeks to create a new habit but a year to make it stick. Therefore, follow-up and maintenance are imperative. As the patient loses weight, the metabolic rate naturally slows, which creates a plateau or even a gain even if the patient follows the diet. This is when many people regain, get frustrated, and give up. It is important to change treatment plan direction at this time. This usually requires an exercise routine coupled with a change in nutritional intake, using creative ways to get the body burning calories more efficiently.
Most people want weight loss to be quick and dramatic. However, calorie reduction is not a simple process. My job is to make it simple, take out the thinking, give patients a structure, and make it sustainable. I utilize modern- day bariatric medicine, which may include lipotropic injections, medical-grade protein supplements, pharmaceutical intervention, vitamins, and hormone therapy combined with the right proportion of macronutrients and total calories. Essentially, I want the patient to lose the most weight in a safe manner by losing fat and preserving muscle. In my experience, the first four weeks are critical to gain patients’ trust by showing them results and empowering them for success going forward. This is where the complexity of weight management becomes easier, since the accountability factor is now inherent in patients who feel better than ever before.

I begin each weight-management consult with a detailed history and exam. I gain a good understanding of the individual and his or her health status and goals before making a nutritional recommendation. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together may include further workup such as laboratory assessment or electrocardiogram. My office is equipped with the latest technology including metabolic testing and body composition analysis. With metabolic testing, I can show patients the amount of calories their body requires for weight loss and maintenance by using oxygen expenditure to calculate their metabolic rate. With body composition testing, I show patients the breakdown of their weight by calculating the distribution of body fat, muscle, and water, which is useful in tracking their progress.

My recommendation after each initial consultation is customized for the patient and is expected to yield the most-effective weight loss. It includes a transition and maintenance strategy for long-term sustainability. I understand how difficult and emotional the subject of weight management is for most patients, and I am honored and privileged to be in a position of changing their lives for the better. I always tell patients that this is the fun part of my practice. Preventing and reversing disease by using nutritional and lifestyle modification is a simple but powerful concept that has incredible health benefits. Set up an initial consult and see how to improve your everyday future—your body will thank you!

2015-02-06_10-22-24Dr. Luciano is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He earned his degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Western University of Health Sciences in California. Dr. Luciano is an active member of the American Academy of Family Practice, American Osteopathic Association, and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He is the current Family Medicine Chairman at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. Dr. Luciano has his primary care office in Ivyland, PA and a satellite office in Horsham, PA.

Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano
400 Horsham Rd.
Horsham, PA 19044
At the Horsham Athletic Club
(267) 388-0300
Services offered at Horsham:
Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Micro-Needling, Chemical Peels, IPL Photo Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, BOTOX & Fillers.

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Scalp Micropigmentation

Always Pretty.inddWith our state-of-the-art techniques, we can help you resolve your hair- loss challenge. Women with thinning hair can look more youthful. Men who like the “freshly shaven” look, can have a new, full hairline with our Scalp Micropigmentation application.

Always Pretty.inddLinear scars resulting from hair transplants can be camouflaged with our scar revision and pigmentation techniques.

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The Genre of Music

Do you pick your music or does your voice pick it?

Fascinating article by Maylyn Murphy, CEO and Founder of Music Nation Academy:

Maylyn Murphy CEO & Founder

Maylyn Murphy
CEO & Founder

I have discovered a common challenge most vocal teachers face at some point in their teaching career. That challenge is working with a student whose voice is suited for one genre of music while the student’s choice of genres to sing is very different. Take for example the young vocalist who only wants to sing pop and top 40, only the most popular and loved songs that are “right now”, but has a voice that is “made for” jazz. So what do you do in this situation? As the teacher, you know that the student’s voice has the tone, range, and quality for jazz, but the student is set on singing pop. Do you work with her and try to influence her to sing jazz or do you support her desire to pursue pop music? Which saying—“the customer is always right” or “teacher knows best”—rings true? It’s quite the quandary.

I can share with you my method for handling such a dilemma, as this is one of the challenges my teachers and I tackle most frequently at Music Nation Academy. In addition to the vocal teachings of the genre, we also provide performance-based training, which entails another very-different dimension to teaching any specific genre and the performance stereotypes attached to a genre.

Initially, I have a discussion with the student in order to understand the student’s short-term and long-term goals for taking vocal lessons. The students I teach have a host of reasons for taking lessons at my school. Students’ reasons range from “I always wanted to learn to sing for fun” to “I want to make this my career.” Right now, many students come to Music Nation Academy to improve their singing and performance abilities to get parts in school musicals, performances, chorales, or choruses. In these cases, it is good to know the student’s focus prior to lessons. Of course, this is not required, and many students “find” their voice and better define goals as we move through their musical journey. I will also inquire with the parent(s) as to what their perception is regarding the reasons for the student taking lessons. I prefer to know if the parent(s) and student are on the same page for why the student wants to take lessons.

Once the lesson begins, I perform an initial vocal assessment of the student. I listen for his or her ability to control the voice, pitch, and breathing as well as the student’s vocal tone, vocal strength, and ability to read music. Upon completion of this assessment, I am able to narrow down the genre(s) the student’s vocal abilities would best “fit”. The key to picking and singing a specific genre is in the vocal tone. It tells so much in relation to the vocal strength of a student for a particular genre.

I have come to find an amazing correlation between the genre the student would like to pursue and the music genre for which the student’s voice is best suited. However, the biggest discrepancy I find is regarding the desire of students to sing pop music. Many students want to sing and perform the latest and most-popular songs, yet their voice may be better suited for very different genres, such as musical theater/performance, blues, country, or perhaps jazz.

In these cases, I work with the student to achieve the goal set during our discussion. That’s correct. If the student is determined to sing pop, yet the student’s voice is best suited for jazz, I will work with the student to make adjustments to the vocal delivery to best sing and perform pop music. Many might say that, since you are the teacher, the experienced one, the knowledgeable one, you should somehow lead the student in the direction you see fit. However, the reasoning behind the course of action I take is because of my overall view of music—that a student’s exposure to music should not be limited or hampered.

I find that a student’s success is directly related to that student’s specific motivation and focus. Attempting to refocus and motivate a student to sing a genre they don’t like decreases likelihood of success. I therefore work with the student to master singing and performing that genre, which leads to a high level of confidence. That inevitably leads to the student’s own desire to branch out and attempt to master other genres. This is the perfect time to introduce the genre the student may be best suited for and see where that leads us. Typically, students will enjoy the genre of music they are best suited for but only after having mastered another genre they were truly motivated to sing and perform in the first place.

I have sung and played rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, classical, and just about any other genre of music. All of this has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about music, performance, my strengths, and the weakness I strive to improve upon. This is the ultimate goal I have for my students: not simply to master a song, genre or single performance but to build upon what I teach them and expand upon their own successes, their strengths, and their weaknesses. This is not only a music lesson but also a life lesson.

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